Inspiration 170: Movie Giggles



There is nothing like seeing a movie with children. They have no inhibitions and no fear in laughing at what they think is funny. I recently went to a movie where the audience was predominantly little girls and their parents…I was alone.

I had more fun laughing when they laughed, and when they laughed I laughed louder…it was truly joy at it’s best. Totally worth the price of the ticket. I also found it funny when I laughed with their parents, at the adult humor mixed in to keep the parents in check…but it was the children laughing and singing along that made my day.

When did we let inhibition stiffle our child like spirit? When did we start worrying about what other people think? When did we let the weight of the world prevent us from enjoying a good laugh? Some of us snicker, some of us squeek, some even snort when they laugh…however you do it, I hope you laugh loud and long today. Let it out, let it go…do it until your side hurts!


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