These motors were hanging on the wall in a restaurant with a nautical theme. I thought it was pretty clever to hang something that most people would only see if they were using it on a boat. Each one is unique and beautiful in it’s own way. 

I once knew a guy who did not have anything hanging on his walls – nothing, no where, all the walls in his home were bare. When I asked him why his walls were bare, he said he didn’t want to have holes in the walls impact the resale value of the property. He had lived in his house for ten years when I asked him that question. He lived there at least two more years, that I know of…whew! I can’t relate. 

I can’t imagine living in a space with nothing on the walls. How drab and dull. How plain and bland. Yet his end goal was more important to him than holes in his walls. He saw the negative of holes, not the postive of making the place his own. His thought process was so foreign to me, that more than twenty years later I can clearly recall that conversation…and it still makes me think. 

What do you have hanging on your walls? What do you think is beautiful? What do you look at each day? Is it art you bought, created, or some combinaiton of both? Whatever it is or isn’t, I hope it inspires you each day.