Our home is our castle.  It is where we begin and end each day. Home is where we can be ourselves and be at peace. It is where we are nourished – physically, emotionally, spiritually. Home is where we most want to be, and where we hate to leave. For some of us that makes home a place, for others of us that makes home a person, and for still others that makes home an elusive concept. 

If you woke up today in a comfortable bed, and know that tonight you will again sleep in a comfortable bed…give thanks. Too many people around the world live in turmoil and fear. They have no real sense of home. They do not know the benefits and comforts of a safe place to rest – physically, emotionally, or spiritually. The average age of a homeless person in Atlanta, Georgia is nine…you read correctly, nine years old. Children are the most populated age bracket for homelessness. 

So today give thanks for your home – whether it is a person or place – give thanks. Cherish it and share from it’s abundance with someone less fortunate than yourself.