Inspiration 166: Nine Years

 I walk past this cemetery a couple times a week, and decided to step in and actually read the names and dates on the tombstones. This child lived for only nine years. They were born over one hundred and thirty years ago. What a different place the world was then…simpler, harder, some would say more demanding than even our smartphone, internet, hectic world of today. 

What have you accomplished in the last nine years? How has your life changed? What is different about your world now than the world you lived in nine years ago? Has your world been changed by tragedy, by joy – or some combination of the two? Change is hard – it hurts us, breaks us down, and builds us up all at the same time. Change is a necessary tool the universe utilizes to move us forward. 

My guess is that when the child buried in this grave was born, no one expected that in nine years they would be gone… get straight what you need to get straight…none of us are guaranteed tomorrow. Don’t let nine years pass before you make the changes you need to make. 


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