Praise and joy for the person who put wheels on luggage. I can’t imagine how long it would take me to travel if I had to lug my bags the old fashioned way. I would be worn out and probably very cranky before I ever arrived. During my travels I get a chance to watch lots of people and ponder the many sizes, shapes and colors of everyone’s luggage. Does that sound like a boring day at the airport to you? For me I find it fascinating…

Why did they choose that bag? Because it fits everything they needed to bring – utility? Was that one chosen so they could find it easily on the luggage carousel – color? Did they choose that brand or label to bring them a sense of importance as we watch them pass- status? Was their bag a hand me down? The only one they could afford? Or did they borrow a bag because they don’t really travel much? Did they just pick the first one in their closet because they never really thought about it? Or did they just grab anything they could and shove their belongings inside? It could be any one of these reasons, or something else. 

Luggage – the stuff we put our stuff in…sometimes too much, sometimes not enough…sometimes half what we need and we plan to wear it all twice. What ever your plan, next time you travel think before you pick your back and pack. Your luggage is telling us something about you, and someone may be whiling away the hours in the airport watching the luggage go by.