There is something enticing about candy. It’s colorful, sweet, and all too often forbidden…which somehow makes it even more desirable.  I saw these jars in a store display and my sweet tooth started craving something sugary. And once I had that taste in my mind, nothing else would satisfy it. 
I think that is true of lots of good things – success, humor, color, joy, happiness – once you have your mind set on it, nothing else seems to fit the bill. So how do you describe success? Is it money, power, service, contentment, health, family…maybe you think you know, but do you really? Is success something you seek, or merely a by product of your current course in life? Is it important to you, or not a real concern? I ask because so many times we work hard, work long, work without a break while seeking success, however if we don’t know our own version of success, how will we know when we achieve it?

I dare you to write down your version of success. Yes, I REALLY mean for you to write it down. Put your definition in a place where you will see it every day. Have it come up on your phone as a reminder or post it with a magnet on your refrigerator – make it your eye candy. Look at it every day. And on those days when you are lost, burdened by worry, challanged by a lack of time, or even sad due to a recent loss…review your personal definition of success. If the things that are on your mind will contribute to your success, then buck up and keep moving forward. If the things on your mind will not contribute to your definition of success, then maybe it is time to let them go…only you can decide.