I think that I shall never see a thing as lovely as a tree… famous words by Joyce Kilmer. These words apply to this shot of our local forest. I enjoyed watching the sun peek through the tall limbs, as if begging me to play hide and seek during the lazy afternoon. I didn’t play, I kept walking. I had somewhere to go and a short time to get there. 

Isn’t that always how it seems – too much to do and such little time to enjoy the journey. I find myself all too often focused on the end game, working hard towards success, forgetting that sometimes the journey along the way and the lessons we learn are the true meaning of success. 

So instead of just passing by the trees today and looking at the sun, stop and play hide and seek. Trudge through the brush and REALLY experience the loveliness of the trees around you. And if you live in a place that does not have many trees, go find one and enjoy it. The work will keep…