This is what it looks like and you know the feeling…you’ve had too much of a good thing, a tremendously busy day, or are just flat worn out!  This little girl is leaving Disney World…the look on her face says it all. 

Give yourself a day of rest. Think about all the lists and piles of stuff you have to get done everyday, or the moment your adrenaline leaves and you are in a state of paralysis, or you just can’t take any more today…so just STOP. Be still and rest. In a world where more is better, faster, sooner…sometimes peace and silence and rest get forgotten. Go go go turns into tired, listless and lethargic. 

Give yourself a break. No guilt, no panic…the earth will continue to revolve around the sun…even if you take time to rest. Notice this little girl again…she’s tired, but you can see a smoldering glint in her eye as she thinks about all the fabulous and amazing things she expereinced during her time at the Magic Kindgdom…savor the moment with silence. Let your accomplishments sink in.