Look closely at these wheels. They are part of the milling process of a local saw mill. Once the large trees are cut, the slabs travel down this line to be stacked for drying. I like that the wheels look worn and dirty. It lets me know there has been lots of wood traveling over them for a long period of time. 

Today’s reminder is that worn is not always bad. Worn shows a great deal of work has been done and also means that somewhere, someone has been very busy. In a culture that craves new and fresh, today I ask you to appreciate the worn elements of your world. Take time to ponder over the ear marked book pages, worn down pencils, and tattered shoes you wear to work each week. Notice the favorite shirt missing a button or a skirt that is beginning to fade. I know you might feel the need or pressure to replace these things…but appreciate them first. Think about all the ideas, miles and appointments these items have supported you through…and be grateful.

Too many times we want to replace old for new, without realizing we would not be able to afford the new if we had not used up the old. Take stock today of how the paraphernalia of your world have supported you along your path of success.