I saw this plant on the side of the road during one of my walks.  To me it screamed, “STAY AWAY!” The thorns, the prickers on the stem, the spines on the blooms, everything about this plant let me know it did not want me around. 

I’ll be honest, I have moods and days when I feel this way. I want and or need to be alone. I think we all feel that way at times. And at times being alone is appropriate and necessary. In the case of this plant however, it is obvious that it doesn’t want another creature to touch it at all..ever!!! Keeping everything away was what it does…all the time.

We all need to be alone at times…but do you create an environment around you where you think you are open to others, yet what others experience is something akin to this plant? We put up walls and create a thorny experience for people when they spend time with us…we create painful walls to avoid having to deal with the truth people might tell us. We want to avoid painful emotions, memories, or revisiting childhood scars. Whatever it is we want to avoid, setting up our world with prickers and spines keeps the people around us at a distance. 

I would encourage you today to look inside yourself to see where you have created prickers to keep people and emotions out. Instead of growing thorns what you REALLY need is a good weed wacker. Be honest with yourself, be willing to tear down the prickers people experience when dealing with you, and face a reality without keeping them at a distance. You might tap into unrecognized beauty in relationships that could transform your world.