I recently attended a conference where Erik Wahl (www.erikwahl.com – @erikwahl) was the final speaker. He is a graffiti artist turned public speaker who paints during his presentations. It’s an amazing process and very inspirational. 

I snapped this shot during his presentation. I have known this definition of FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real – for many decades.  What I liked about this photo was that it was Bob Marley in the picture…a man everyone said wouldn’t make it, but did. No one belived that his music could cross over into the mainstream and actually make money. You may or may not be a fan, but I bet you’ve heard his music. 

Today I encourage you to deal with your fear…it truly is false evidence appearing real…it is trying to get you to stop believeing in your ideas, your talents, yourself. When we give into fear we give up on ourselves and the people we love. Don’t give up, get going. Kick the lies to the curb and do that thing – that terrifying, fearful, dreadful thing that is holding you back. Once you do it, you will realize that the thing you fear really has no power unless you give your power away.