I eat with friends and co workers a lot. And there is always that akward discussion around where to eat – what do you feel like eating? Where do you want to go? Is there anything you don’t want? Decisions, decisions, decisions. 

I have a couple friends I would call Waffle House friends. We could eat anywhere – including Waffle House – and have a great meal. You see it’s not about the food, it’s about being together. We want to spend time together more than we care where we eat. Don’t get me wrong, Waffle House has a solid menu and serves solid food—but it’s not usually anyone’s first choice when dining with friends. 

Do you have a Waffle House friend? Someone who is more concerned about being with you, hearing about your  world, listening to your challenges and offering feedback or advice that they don’t care if you eat at Waffle House? I hope you do…because in this journey called LIFE, you’re gonna need them. In this world of shifting politics and priorities, people moving and people leaving…you need that friend who will share your journey over hashbrowns and waffles. 

Call your Waffle House friend and go enjoy a meal, just to be together.