These flowers have many names, here in the south they are often called ditch lillies. Why is that?  Because you usually find them on the side of the road growing in a ditch. What a terrible name for such an uplifting flower. 

These flowers come back every year, spread themselves all along the road, and require little or no maintenance to survive. As these were blooming in our yard, they encourage me to bloom where I am planted. No matter how negative the environment or situation in which I find myself I can control two things – my attitude, and my actions (you’ve heard me say that before!) But it’s true. Here is a beautiful flower that grows out of a ditch, and yet still brings joy for no other reason than it can. 

So today your job is to bloom where you are planted – despite the circumstances, in spite of how awful today might be, bring joy to your world. Do it because you can, not because you expect a reward. Do it because it may be the one thing you do today that inspires someone who interacts with you to bloom where they are planted. Do it because a flower called a ditch lily blooms each year, brightens the road, and uplifts countless travelers along their journey. Be the ditch lily in your world today.