It’s that moment during travel when you hope your luggage arrived the same time you did.  You wait patiently while bag after bag passes you by…then the stress in your bones eases as you see your bag appear on the belt. 
Isn’t that sometimes the same way you feel when you wait on anything? You wonder and hope while you wait to see if what you want will come to fruition. The anxiety and nervousness of not knowing can be debilitating. You can feel paralyzed not knowing which way to turn, until you feel like you have more information to go on…and still you wait. 

Then that moment comes when you get your answer – the bag arrives or it doesn’t – and you know where you stand. Good news or bad news, you know. And now you have to deal with it. Today I encourage you to deal with whatever it is with courage. Good or bad, happy or sad, positive or negative…as adults we have to deal with it. So whatever the answer, take courage and move forward…you can do it.