Raw oysters – my husband loves them, I do not eat them at all…no way…never. But we stopped here because he enjoys  them, and I enjoy watching him enjoy them. Sometimes ya’ gotta do what others like…just go along for the  ride. This food event was one of those times…

Who do you love enough to enjoy them enjoying their favorite thing…eventhough that thing makes you gag! It’s not a real sacrifice for me, more like a pit stop. I know that sometime in the near future he will do something he despises purely for the reason that I like it…like watching Jane Austin movies. It’s a give and take kinda thing. 

I encourage you today to give and take…think of someone else’s enjoyment instead of your own. Wait patiently as they eat their favorite food, knowing that in the not too distant future they will sleep through yet another chick flick to make you happy.