Shorlty after we got married, my husband found out he was allergic to gluten…along with eggs, dairy and peanuts. I have adopted a similar diet because it’s easier than trying to always hide the peanut butter and remember where I put it. Talk about a bummer – baked goods and ice cream rarely darken the inside of our kitchen anymore. 

We have tried every variety of gluten free baked good you can imagine. Most were mediocre bordering on the horrible. I often would suggest we reshingle the roof with them – though we never actually tried it, I think it would work. Here we have our Sunday morning treat – gluten free french toast. We found a brand of GF bread that is fabulous – we can buy it in the grocery store and it is baked here in Atlanta ( I share the website in case your GF tummy wants to experience it. 

When I take my first bite, I praise God for inventive bakers. Thank you to the people who turned a dietetic nightmare into a growing business. The saying is true – necessity is the mother of invention. Do you know what the father of invention is…laziness! I could try and make my own GF bread, but why? When someone else does it so well…hats off to bread and syrup…yum! Be grateful today for something someone else creates that makes your life better, easier, more yummy!