I love how old and worn these mailboxes are – all lined up waiting for important items for each family to explore. We call it snail mail, and yet for a large portion of the world that is still the only way they communicate.  
When is the last time you actually sent someone a piece of mail? A note, a letter, a card, or something to make their trip to the mailbox worth it. Most days we get lots of junk mail – credit card solicitations, local business flyers, political stuff, and the neverending barrage of catalogs. Bills come in cellophane windowed envelopes, and occasionally we get the magazine we ordered. Mostly it’s junk. We don’t even open it. 

My charge to you today is to send something to someone via snail mail – anything! Let them know they matter enough for you to write it out, put it in an envelope, affix a stamp…and send it out into the great matrix called the postal  system. If they are like me, their whole world will light up when they see something in their mailbox. For me it kinda validates my existence in the world and that someone else thinks I matter. Make sure someone special to you knows they matter.