We were given a 100 year old barn, and three of my nephews came to help us take it down. Here they work with my husband to get down one of the exterior walls.  It was a very warm day. The air was muggy and the bugs thought we were dinner, but they worked hard and in one day we retrieved all the wood our workshop could store. It meant hauling it, taking out all the nails, then setting it up in the workshop storage area. 
What I like about this shot is that it reminds me what can be accomplished when everyone works together towards a common goal. We needed the strength of youth for this project, and they needed the wisdom of my husband and father to engineer the take down. Together they did it. Men being men, working outdoors and tearing things apart. The night before everyone talked about how we were going to do it. Ideas were thrown out, negated, debated, and by morning there was still no clear plan. Trial and error was our comrad in arms that day, with a dash patience and a strong dose of cooperation on top. In the end, we were successful. 

Where can you leverage youth in partnership with maturity to accomplish your goal? You might need new ideas to liven things up, with a pinch of experience to know how to get it done. It can be a very powerful combination, so try it today.