Inspiration 144: Peanut Butter on a Pickle

It’s all about what you put on it…sauces, pickles, soy sauce…whatever you choose to make your dish better. What you eat can be as individual as a finger print. What you choose to add makes your plate your own. No one else may like that combination, but you do and that is what matters. 

Isn’t that true about being creative as well. Today you may feel like blue or red, or even a burnt shade of orange. You may feel like peanut butter…whatever it is that is coursing through your creative juices, use it! Write it down, sketch it out, or even pulll out that expensive piece of paper and let the juices flow. Don’t pass up this moment of creative enlightenment, go for it. Don’t worry about whether other people will like it or even want to buy it – today I encourage you to create for you! Put peanut butter on a pickle and enjoy your mad creation! 


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