Look at all the runways at this airport. What I find amazing is that someone has the responsiblity to keep all that air traffic in logical, functioning order.  Every plane that travels along these patterns is being watched by an air traffic controller to keep everyone safe. 
Sometimes I feel like that – in charge of keeping everything going. It can feel like madness, sometimes it feels like consistent chaos, and some days it all seems normal. Yet in all of it, there needs to be a plan. What is your plan? How do you keep up with the multitude of responsiblities of being an adult? Mortgages, paychecks, family, friends, work, recreation… and somewhere in there trying to carve out your idea of a life. 

Air traffic controllers go through years of training to learn how to handle the pressure and work load that is their daily job. What do you need to learn to do better to improve your world? No one knows it all, so what could you learn today to improve how you manage life? Is it delegating, or scheduling things better? Is it how to say what you need clearly so those around you understand? Is it asking for help? Or is it how to say no? We all can learn something  new to make our lives better. Work smarter, not just harder. Take time today to learn something to improve how you live…the you of tomorrow will thank you.