I love the movies. They are my way of hitting the reset button on my brain and attitude. The movie theatre near us has the Big DDD experience – it’s like 3D on steriods. The ticket price is a couple bucks higher than the regular seats, but in some cases it’s worth it. 

Have you ever had that day when you want to give up, or cry, or do both? When the anger inside you just swells to the boiling point faster than you can get your nerves to calm it all down? I had one of those days. What did I do? I went to the movies. For a couple hours I was able to turn off my world and enjoy someone else’s world. I was able to focus my emotions and thoughts on something else – just long enough to clam down and see the reality of my situation. There is something about the smell of popcorn, a cool refreshing drink, and a sweet candy treat that can put all the pieces of life into perspective. 

What is your reset button? Do you have one? If not, my guess is you need one. Whether it is the opportunity to cry or laugh, or watch some bad guy get it in the end – you NEED a reset button. I encourage you to take time to escape from the problems, challenges or dreariness of your current existence, and hit reset. Find what it is that gives you a break, and do it this week…hit reset. The game of life will be waiting when you get back.