Did you know that 70% of America colors their hair? I was shocked when I heard that statistic. I was in the grocery store  and saw this display. I  was amazed at the variety and plethora of color choices. 

How come were are never happy with the hair that we were born with? If we have short hair, we want long hair – if it’s long, we want short. If we have dark hair, we want to be blonde – if we are blonde we want to be a red head.  If our hair is straight we want curly, if it’s curely we want straight. And don’t get me started about trying to cover up the ravages of time also known as grey hair. I have a friend that went bald in his early twenties…I mean REALLY bald. He used to joke with me that a bad hair day was at least a hear day! I guess your perspective on hair – or any issue for that matter – is all determined by your circumstances and attitude.  

When my first grey hairs started showing, I struggled with coloring my hair. When I looked into my soul to figure out why, I realized I was never going to look like the cover of a magazine, so why start a losing battle? I had to becomfortable  in my skin, with my hair, with my overall appearance. So I embraced the grey and have been happy with it ever since. I earned everyone of those beautiful grey strands and wear them as a badge of expertise and experience. 

Instead of always wanting something new and different, why not embrace your unique attributes and celebrate who you are? Stop listening to commercials, movie stars and fashion editors about what you should look like this season. Get comfortable with your own appearance, embrace the unqiue features of your face and shine on!