This is a photo of the pollen and dirt we power washed off our driveway. It all flowed down hill to form this unique pattern. It is both disgusting and interesting at the same time.  Before I washed it into our grass, I took this close up. It made me think of all the things that clog up our world without us even knowing it. Layers upon layers of dust, crud, dirt – they all seem to pile up without us even being aware that something is dragging us down. And before we know it we are tired, run down, or even feeling poor with no clue as to what happened.

So today, stop and look at the crud clogging up your world…is it your overloaded to do list? Maybe it’s your poor diet alias a junk food habit? Might it be just dirt and clutter bogging you down day after day? Could it be a brain full of commericals and senseless bad news? Whatever it is, take today to review what is slowing you down and clean it up. Only you can control what goes into your world, so control what you can. Stop the madness and power wash away the things that are bogging you down…otherwise your world may look like this sludge more than you want to admit.