These are the infamous IKEA Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and Lingen Berry sauce…if you have not eaten yet, I am going to tempt your tummy! When we visit IKEA, my husband always orders this meal.  This is great stuff…so great, you can even buy bags of the meatballs to take home. 

No matter how you feel about their merchandise, you have to give IKEA kudos for combining food and furniture. Their stores create an all inclusive customer experience, no matter the customer need. If you’re hungry, they have an abundance of choices in their restaurant. If you only want a snack for the ride home, check out their tasty options at the end of the check out line. And if you want to enjoy thier meals as carry out, check out the store near the exit and take something for later in the week. Oh yeah, and they have furniture too…

It is the combination of two customer needs that creates such a unique experience. The first time I took my nephews there, they were hungry and whining about shopping for furniture. I told them we were going to eat at the furniture store, and they didn’t believe me. Then they ordered the meatballs and have been IKEA fans ever since. 

What two unique customer needs could you combine to deliver a stellar product or service? Think personal need and practical need – how can you deliver both? Here a strong retailer sells food & furniture to create a great alternate experience…when teenagers ask to go to IKEA and shop, you know it has got to be good!