This is what rush hour looks like at the airport. Can you see the line of planes waiting to take off? I am taking this photo from my window seat, hoping that we will be in that line soon. From my window I counted eleven planes waiting to leave…wow! That figured to be more than a thousand people waiting to get home. 

I am grateful for air travel. I am glad we can move tons and tons of metal through the air so people like me can get to our destination quickly. And yet even as I was sitting on the plane, I felt rushed. I was hurried through the security line to get scanned. I was jostled on the train to get to my gate. Once at the gate, I shouldered my way through the crowd to board in my assigned order. Then I acrambled to get my carry on in the overhead, and finally squirmed in my seat to occupy as little space as possible compared to my next seat neighbor. Whew! All this with the added benefit of a tiny bag of peanuts. Let’s face it, we’re not in this ride for the nuts, we just want to get home. 

So next time you are in rush hour – in your car or in a plane – just take a deep breathe and trust the process. You will eventually get there, and maybe with a tiny bag of peanuts!