As Americans we are very spoiled in the quality and variety of produce we can purchase at the grocery store.  I am not a huge fan of grocery shopping; I see it as a necessary evil in order to stay alive. And honestly, I avoid it at all costs and am grateful that my husband loves the grocery store. 

Last time I did darken their door, I was struck by the color and beauty of these peppers. It made me think of my days when I was learning the color wheel – red, yellow, blue…yellow and blue make green, yellow and red make orange…and so on. I think God had a great imagination in all the combinations, shades and varieties of color He put into our world. And yes, I laugh at myself that the color of these items is what struck me, not how I could put them into a recipe…so even in the grocery store I prefer to look at the colors than think about food.

What do you see when you look at this display? Ingredients for a great salsa, the bright colors, or the prices only?Take time today to look at all the multiple aspects of something you consume everyday. You might be surprised by the unique characteristics of simple items like these peppers.