Today we are celebrating our five year anniversary of being in business ( We opened in 2010 as the culmination of a lot of MBA classes, some construction, a little drywall dust, and a big dream. It seems like only yesterday, yet a lot of water has crossed under that bridge. My step daughter Ashley actually coined the phrase galliversary…gallery anniversary…and it stuck!

Many thanks to all our supporters, patrons, and collectors. Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed our art, bought our art, and continues to encourage us to take our ideas and turn them into reality.

My words of inspiration for you today are to dream big – dream HUGE, dream GiGaNtIc! When you think you have dreamed big, try going even bigger!!! And when people tell you it won’t work – AND THEY WILL – shake their hands and say thank you for being negative. Let the nay sayers come, let them puke all over your dream…then work your fingers to the bone proving them wrong. I had such a nay sayer, he told me we wouldn’t stay in business because we didn’t have enough parking…REALLY!?! Parking, THAT was why we wouldn’t succeed? That was your idea of a dream killer, a deal breaker? Well, Mr Parking, thank you for being negative, for sharing your expertise with me when I brought you my idea and barfing all over it…more importantly, thank you for being wrong! We are here, we are growing, and by the way…no parking problems!