I know you thought when you woke up this morning, “What does a bird diaper look like?” Well here it is!!! One of our neighbors was taking her bird for a walk, and I commented on his brightly colored shirt. She told me it was his diaper…you could probably hear my jaw drop.

First, I never thought that a bird needed a diaper, but they do. By using one, it does not poop all over the back of her shirt. Second, they come in a large variety of colors – who knew! And third, she bought it online and has multiple versions – no kidding! She can wash them in the washing machine, and the bird has been trained to like wearing it. I was once again shocked and amazed. Someone thought of this idea, designed it, manufactured it, and is now making money selling them online. Isn’t capitalism amazing!

When you think your idea is not worth the effort, think bird diaper…say it outloud to yourself three times…bird diaper, bird diaper, bird diaper! Incredible! No idea is too small!!!