It’s the last day of April, and we have had a VERY wet Spring. You know that saying – April Showers Bring May Flowers – and it’s true.  All the rain has made our flowers and plants grow like crazy. It’s a beautiful time of year, even if it feels a little soggy. The other side of that saying is you have to endure the rain to enjoy the beauty. This pictures of hydrangeas made me think of the beauty of Spring. It also made me appreciate all those wet rainy days when I wanted to take a nap and eat a grilled cheese sandwhich, instead of commuting through the wet, puddle laiden streets. The sleepy rainy days at times seemed to never end. 

And yet here we are at the end of April, with flowers blooming and plants growing strong…all due to the rainy days of the month. So whether today was a sunny or rainy day on your end of the world, appreciate it. Be willing to take the good with the soggy and appreciate that the seeds you have planted in your world WILL produce a beautiful and glorious future.