Watercolor is one of my favorite mediums. My mom is a fabulous watercolor artist, and can do amazing things with paper, water, paints and a brush. A very valuable lesson I learned from her was to use the best supplies when creating your work. If you don’t think your art is worth an expensive piece of paper, then why would anyone else? If you don’t think your art is worth the $75 a tube price for the fine quality watercolor paints, then why are you painting? 

That being said, there is a time when we are all learning and use the cheap stuff to find our creative voice – I get that. We all were broke students once and had to buy what we could afford. However – once you have found your voice, mastered your concept, completed an art product where you are creating a name and brand for yourself, THAT is when you need to invest. Your work is worthy of that investment. Your creative time and efforts are worth investing in…otherwise, why are you doing it?

If you are that creative person still buying the cheaper supplies – why is that? Is it budget based, or is it fear based? Do you believe you have something creative to say? Then say it with quality – let your idea, thought, or creation live for a long time by using the right supplies. Let go of your unworthy thoughts and invest in your creativity. If it means buying a more expensive paper, or pencil, or even a better workstation where you can truly be free to develop your concept with the world, then it’s time to invest. You are worth it, your art is worth it, and the world needs to see what you have to share…so invest!