One of our favorite junk dealers was selling these crates and bottles last month. I was intrigued by not only the boxes, but that they were all full of the original bottles. It made me wonder who had been storing so many boxes and bottles? Where did they keep them all? And how many more do they have hidden away?

It also made me wonder about the value we place on stuff. I admit that if you visit my home you might get overwhelmed by the volume and variety of things. And I also know that if you pointed to any item in any room, there is a REALLY good story behind how it ended up in our home. It is the story that makes us enjoy the stuff…or at least that is what we tell ourselves. 

So today I encourage you to look at the items you have in your house, the items sitting on your desk or on your shelves. Is there a REALLY good story behind that item? If yes, then remember that cherised memory and relive that fun story. If not, then why is it taking up space in your world? It’s the story that makes us keep things, buy things, give things to others…take time today to cherish the stories in your world.