Inspiration 113: Choose Wisely


You guessed it, this is the bark from a palm tree in Florida. I think it is amazing how it grows into such a unique pattern, texture, and survives in the hottest Florida tempertatures. Of course it has been cultivated to survive in the wind, salt air, and heat of the tropics. It has also endured various conditions to still be standing tall, ready for me to take the picture. 

What have you been bred for? What have you endured to date that has made you who you are today? We all have a story to tell and a path that got us to where we are…we are in life where we have chosen to be…whether we like where we are or not, we have CHOSEN to be there. Life is all about choices. So today I encourage you to make better choices – in the way you handle your money, the way you invest your time, in the people who contribute to the hours of your passing day…choose wisely! What you choose today will impact your tomorrows…


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