Each element of this piece was found in nature, then combined with the other elements to complete this amazing wall hanging. Whether it was weaving, polishing, sanding, or connecting…this is an amazing and intricate work of craftsmanship.

I was not only struck by the overall piece, but as I got closer I was able to see the tiniest details the artist added to enhance the view of each section. Check out the piece of honeycomb inside the top basket, and the blue hidden in the lower right hand corner. It’s as if the artist wanted to reward those of us who took a closer look. 

What reward do people get when they take a closer look at you? at your work? at your life? Will they find hidden treasures or a mess, or maybe they will see emptiness? Maybe they will see someone who has reinvented themselves from the lessons, mistakes, and tragedies of a life lived to it’s fullest. Nothing in this wall hanging was ever perfect, yet when it was combined with other elegant details, it is as close to perfection as anyone could imagine. 

Give yourself a break today. Let go of the big mistakes and huge messes you have made in your world, and spend time reviewing the beauty within your inner self. Today I challenge you to appreciate the tiny details of your uniqueness.