These stones comprise the cobblestones around the ruins of the Coliseum in Rome. Last time I was there I took this close up picture. It made me wonder what famous people, peasants, rulers, and victims had tread upon that same path? How many battles and triumphant parades had smoothed their edges? How many people walked to their  death over these stones? And how many tourists have walked in this spot since?

So many people have walked before us, traveling the road and making a way for us to succeed. Leaders, family, politicians, builders, peacemakers, and followers. Soooooo many people have come and gone since these stones were put into the ground, and yet the stones are still there. 

What path are you laying down for the next person? Is it solid, will it last, will they inherit a greater future because of what you have created? Building that path for the next generation takes time and patience. Make sure your efforts today are creating the legacy you want someone to inherit…if not, turn around and start again. The stones you lay today will create the path for the next generation…if you dare!