All you need is chalk, a rock, open sidewalk, and willing participants. Children play this game for hours and hours, hopping from square to square trying to move the stone from one end of the game to the other. 

When I see this photo I think of idle boredom being turned into enthusiasm and fun. I imagine children bugging their Mom for something to do because they are bored; so she sends them outside to play. They don’t have a jungle gym or ball to play with, they have chalk and a rock. I spent many hours as a child jumping from one end of the sidewalk to the other with my neighborhood friends and that sad little rock. Sometimes we played the game for so long, and so often that the sidewalk looked like a tangled mess of lines and numbers that no adult would ever be able to decipher…like a secret children’s code of fun. 

I’m not sure children in this day and age play like this anymore, what a shame. We learned how to get along, how to take turns, how to invent, how to celebrate a win, and most importantly how to lose. We learned how to make friends, no matter the outcome, the kind of friends you would play with again tomorrow even if they won every time. 

What lessons do you remember from your childhood games? I hope you were fortunate enough to have friends and games form your life long sense of fair play…if not, go grab some chalk and a rock and start playing!