There was a house around the corner from us that was being engulfed by kudzu.  For those of you unfamiliar with kudzu, it is a Japanese plant that was brought to the U.S. during World War II to protect the unplanted soil from erosion. Kudzu grows VERY quickly, and will eventually surround, cover, and choke out all it engulfs. It is planted ot help protect the soil, and yet ends up killing everything it covers. 

We stopped one day to take pictures of the kudzu house by stepping onto the front porch. I took a shot of this old chair surrounded by the plant, slowly facing it’s demise. As you can see the chair was facing the sun, probably left in that position by the owner who sat that direction to enjoy the beautiful sunsets. Time and nature have taken over, and soon the chair will be covered and completely disappear from view.

Standing on that porch made me think of the areas of my life that have been sitting idle for too long, soon to be engulfed by lack of action and complacency. Procrastination probably plays a part in that, as well as denial. I think I am sitting and relaxing, when I am really lacking motivation to change things. Sort of like kudzu – brought here to help yet ended up damaging and destroying most all it touches.

I need to provide an update on the kudzu house, they bull dozed it a couple months ago – right down to the slab.  This photo reminds me to get up and do something, make a decision, don’t let the kudzu of life strangle the energy out of your soul.