This is a close up shot of the path inlaid in the sidewalks of Tokyo for the blind. These paths are all over the city – on the sidewalks, on the subway, on stairwells, on side roads. Someone took the time to design, test, plan and install these metal/plastic dots all over the country. It also meant that they were  concerned about being sure the blind could move about safely in their daily lives. I admire their compassion, tenacity and ingenuity in completing this all over Japan. I’m sure the person who installed all these paths one day saw a blind person smoothly get on a train, and it warmed their hear to know how their efforts had made someone else’s life better. 

What path are you leaving for the next person? For someone who may be blind to their own creativity or passion?  Today is a good day to start making things better for someone else…even if you might never actually meet them.