Inspiration 85: Insert Yourself

This is Jezzy, our Supervisor in the studio. She is no longer with us, yet this is one of my favorite shots of her…of course she has inserted herself into the middle of our framing project, and thinks she belongs. What made me laugh is when I moved her, she jumped back into the center of things. 

I think that is a good lesson to follow. Sometimes you just have to insert yourself into the center of action to be part of what is going on. Someone may move you aside, and if they do just jump back into the mix. They will get the idea that you want to be a part of things and hopefully include you moving forward. And if they move you again, jump back in and share your ideas and enthhusiasm. Take time today to be part of the action, which may mean you need to get out from in front of your computer and go where the people are…


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