Here you see both sides of a monoprint. My talented friend Laurel Englehardt ( was showing me how she creates her fabulous gel prints, color combinations, and collages. If you look closely you can see the different textures from the tools she utilized – dots, lines, and swirls. What’s really cool is that she uses both sides of the print. The top is the first piece of paper picking up the original ink and pigments. The bottom side is called the ghost image, and she will use a second piece of paper to pull that image. Two pieces are created, which are the same but different. It’s like seeing the same image from two different perspectives.

How can you look at your work today from two persepctives? Sometimes to keep our creative juices flowing we need to turn our work upside down (literally) to get a new perspective. I dare you to turn your work upside down or inside out and REALLY look at it from the other side. You might be surprised what creative thoughts creep into your brain. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.