Time is the rarest of rare commodities. You can spend it, waste it, or invest it…and whichever one you do, you cannot get it back. I like this saying because it reminds me to value time as I would a precious gem. 

How are you treating your time? Are you rigid with your schedule, every moment maximized to get as much done in 24 hours as is humanly possible? Or do you approach each day as an adventure not knowing what might come your way by bedtime? Or you might be somewhere in between…however you use time, think about what you would do differently if time were no object? What decision are you putting off in order to gain or control time? What are you avoiding to save time? 

When most people reach their end of days, few wish they had sent more emails or spent more time in meetings – most wish they had spent time with people they love doing things they love to make the world better…tick, tick, tick…time is ticking away even as you read this post…use your time today to make the world a better place, even if it is only your world.