Inspiration 74: Tools of the Trade


The delivery guy had these tires on his fork lift to deliver something to our house. I was standing outside while he was lifting the object up and down, maneuvering it so skillfully across our yard. It made me think about how a simple set of wheels are literally the tools of his trade. He used them as an extension of himself…which made me think about my own tools.

What do I use everyday as an extension of myself? My keyboard, my phone, my art supplies, my car, and even my favorite chair in my home. I never really thought about all those things as being tools, but they are. I use them to create and impact the world around me.

What are the tools you use everyday to impact your world? Do they need to be updated, sharpened, or maybe even reupholstered? There are tools you will never replace, and there are tools that you need to replace…knowing which is which can make the different between good and great!


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