I do not claim to be a great house keeper. My home is straight and mostly tidy, but not immaculate. My husband is okay with how we live, and I do not drive myself too neurotic over house cleaning.

I saw this dusty surface in a store recently (not a store in which they sold food – whew!) and realized that everyone struggles with the dust of everyday life. Dust is that small, annoying remnant that settles at the end of the day or week onto surfaces of our lives. It not only annoys us, it make some of us sneeze, some of us neurotic, and serves as a prompt to clean up after ourselves. It also reminds us that not everything is done when we think it is done – the dust still needs to settle on things for us to see the real end.

In terms of life, sometimes you need to give yourself time for the dust to settle. Take a deep breath after things happen and release the turmoil to the universe. Give yourself a break. The good news is that everyone has to deal with dust. The even better news is you get to choose whether or not you will be standing, sitting, or curled into the fetal position when the dust finally does settle. Choose to be victorious over dust – you might get broken or bruised – but you CAN choose to be standing when it is all over.