If you have checked this blog recently, there hasn’t been much activity. I have been busy getting new art on the walls in our recently opened second space. We have been selling really well in Atlanta and are excited to see all the art that people are buying and enjoying.

My last post was about my 50 for 50 project; formy I s50th birthday I sent an original piece of my work to the fifty people who have had an influence on who I have become. Out of the fifty people I sent work to, about 35 have contacted me back to reconnect or thank me for having them on my list. Many doors that had been closed for years and sometimes decades have opened again. It has been great catching up with old friends, reconnecting with childhood buddies, and being reminded that I have a varied assortment of people who care for me.

Tonight I had a chick date – dinner and a movie – with a friend I had not seen in fifteen years. She is the woman who originally set me and my husband up on a blind date back in the late 1990s. Needless to say I owe her a deep debt of gratitude. It was not only fabulous reconnecting with her, it was great to hear about her adventures over the years. They have adopted three older children who are now young adults, and she is owner/Sales VP of a successful chemical company. Many stories were told and we laughed at ourselves now, and the stupid things we did in our youth. We commiserated on our careers and aging (menopause and hot flashes!) and life in general, and exchanged great ideas about where we want to be in ten years.

Time does strange things to us humans. It turns our hair different colors and then all our hair may fall out. Time puts indentations on our faces and pounds on our fannies. It brings us opportunities to win and lose – and learn wisdom from both. Time allows us to let out the ideas of who we are and what we want to do with our time and money, and it mellows us into citizens of the world and our own backyards. Time brings us experiences and adventure to cement what we belive into life choices, and how we plan to live with all those choices. And it brings us traveling companions – some for a season and some for life – some for a specific need or topic, and some to help us grow our souls. I am blessed to claim that I have friends for all the seasons and reasons for life, and look forward to many more opportunities to share with my friends along this journey called life.