As many of you know, we had water permeate the first and second levels of our home – which includes our gallery, studio and workshop spaces. I never knew water could cause such disaster…well, I knew it could BUT never experienced it in my home to this extent. It all got repaired and we had our anniversary celebration – four years of business. We had a fantastic weekend, great sales, and wonderful clients wished us well.

And then the water struck again. One week after we were back in business, more water dripped out of the ceiling in the gallery. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I had choice words that flew through my brain, and then edited those choice words before they came out of my mouth. UGH! Major ugh! The plumber came and found the leak and fixed it, and now we have three new holes in the ceiling that need to be repaired. Have you heard the saying “come hell or high water” – well we’ve had the high water, lived through the hell…so good things must be coming our way….and they are.

I know God has a great sense of humor and a heavenly sense of timing. With all these months of mess, frustration, demolition dry wall dust, broken toilets on the porch, and empty walls, a new opportunity has come our way. On June 1st, we are expanding. You read correctly, in three days we are expanding. We will be opening a space at Westside Market in Atlanta. Here is a link to that webpage:

We are going to feature furniture and art with a target audience of designers and decorators. We move everything in this weekend, woo hoo!!! Who knew that one of the outcomes of the flood of 2014 was expansion…especially when all I wanted to do was cry and eat ice cream! But God had better ideas, bigger ideas, new ideas for our future…He poured hope into our heads and kept our dreams alive. In the midst of mess opportunity reared its head.

My encouraging words to us all (even as I stare at those three huge holes in my gallery ceiling) is to never lose hope. Somewhere in the midst of your darkest hours there is the tiniest glimmer of an idea, a thought, a hopeful song you might barely understand…that is hope. One of my favorite songs has the following words..

There can be miracles when you believe, though hope is frail, it’s hard to kill – who knows what miracles you can achieve – when you believe somehow you will – you will when you believe

Don’t give up even in your darkest hour. Sometimes the best plan is to sit still, crawl into the fetal position and wait out the storm. That tiny spark of an idea or thought or crazy notion sitting in the dustiest corner of your mind may just be the thing that changes your world. Though hope is frail, it is hard to kill – or in our case drowned.

Success happens when opportunity and preparedness meet. In our case preparedness “flooded” into our world through gallons and gallons of water. It’s a long story of how we found our expanded space, so stay tuned for that post…and keep feeding that crazy idea until it has strength to stand on its own. You’re not crazy, you have hope, and opportunity rears its head at the strangest of times!