This past April I was meeting with my accountability group and wrote down that I wanted my work to be published in a national magazine.  I was chicken to write down what I really wanted initially because I did not know HOW I would get that one done, and I didn’t want to fail.  I also didn’t want to blank stares from the people I was with that implied I was crazy to think my work could be published. So I wrote down national because that seemed more feasible, less snooty, and more in line with where I currently saw my own work. About a month later I was reviewing the goals I wrote down, just for fun I crossed out national and wrote international instead. I wanted to be internationally recognized, so why not admit it? The challenge with goal setting is you might set the goal, then have no idea of how you are going to accomplish it. Set the goal anyway.

A survey was conducted on graduates from the Harvard Business School. On the day of their graduation, students were asked to set a goal of what they wanted to accomplish in their lives. Twenty years later they followed up with that group of students, and guess what percentage ACTUALLY accomplished their goal – only about six percent. So what differentiated those who accomplished their goals from those who did not? The ones who achieved their goal wrote it down and looked at it over the twenty years…BIG tip here, write down your goals.

Yes, that means you! It means putting your dreams and desires and thoughts – even the ones that scare the pants off you – on paper. Something magical happens when we write things down. I’m not just saying that because I am a calligrapher and I adore the written word, it’s true. Our brain and unconscious can process that written word or thought and work on it while we are not even aware of what is happening. I’m sure there is a very scientific term for all this, and honestly I do not know what it is – but it does work. Case in point – remember by goal to be in an international magazine, well – very long story short – I submitted an article to Bound & Lettered magazine in October (an international Calligraphy magazine I have read for twenty years). Coming to a newstand near you – Bound & Lettered the January issue will feature my article and photos of my work. Now it didn’t magically happen because of the words I wrote, I had to work at meeting that goal…but it did work. When the article comes out I will share with you how it all came about. Here is a link to the website where the magazine is sold…

As you begin out your 2014 year, take an hour or two and WRITE DOWN what you want to accomplish. Put your dreams, thoughts and unconscious to work for you and your future. Don’t you think your life is worth that effort? It doesn’t have to be anything profound, or something to bring about world peace (unless of course THAT is your deepest desire) just write down what YOU want to see happen next year. I think you will be amazed at what you can accomplish when you think, dream, then write it down. Be honest, don’t chicken out and think national when you REALLY want international – take a chance and go for it. And be proud of what you dream and desire as you may be the only person who can do what you do and the world deserves to benefit from your talents.

Side Note: a great quote on this topic from South Africa…pray as if it all depends on God, then row away from the rocks!!!