For many of you who know my story, I started creating me unique mats by collecting marbelized paper scraps from another artist. That was in 1986, almost 30 years ago. Over that time, my contact has stopped marbelizing paper and has moved into fabric and clothing. I am thrilled that her art has progressed, yet sad that I no longer have that resource for beautiful marbelized papers.

For the past 3-4 years I have been buying marbelized papers from sources like Paper Source, Paper Mojo, or other art supply stores. While it is nice to have those locations as options, their selection is VERY limited and rather expensive. I found myself paying three times the price I was able to pay when buying directly from the artist. 006So I started searching online for another source. It took me a while, but I finally found an exquisite artist in Wiltshire, England who creates amazing marbelized papers.   Her name is Jemma Lewis and she creates both traditional patterns and her own unique marbelized designs.

When I found her work on her website, she displayed beautiful patterns and had very reasonable prices per sheet. From the shot to the left, you can see a sample of her patterns. My personal supply of hand marbelized papers for my mats was running dangerously low, so I needed to make a purchase to replenish my stock. Jemma was very amiable in her supply and options for me to purchase, I was even able to ask for her “seconds”. I don’t mind using seconds as I use small pieces in combination with other hand-made papers, so the patterns or seconds only add to the uniqueness of the piece.

I ended up making a significant purchase (about $800) and was fully able to restore my stock. I had a very difficult time choosing patterns, so I asked her to send me one page of each pattern she creates. I have included a couple of shots of some of the pages I purchased:

005 007

My order arrived earlier this week and it was like Christmas all over again. I was amazed and thrilled at both the quality and variety of her papers. The most exciting part is that my husband who makes books will also be able to utilize the patterns as end pages or covers from his handmade books.

So if you are looking for handmade marbelized papers, be sure to check out Jemma Lewis’ work – her website is listed below. You too will be pleased with anything you purchase. Many thanks Jemma for taking such pride in your craft and producing such beautiful papers for the rest of us to enjoy!!!