Yes it’s that time of year – time for goal setting and new year’s resolutions. Some people don’t like making resolutions, because they are just going to break them and then be disappointed. Others make them, then ignore them. And then there are those of us who make them, work hard to keep them, and see the new year as a chance to get excited ALL over again about our future. Guess which one I am???

Artie and Bushi

Lots of exciting things are happening on this end. We have two new kitties – Artie and Bushi. Here is a quick shot we took yesterday (Artie just got home from a visit to the vet – hence the cone of shame!) They are brothers from different mothers, so the fact that they have not killed each other, us or broken anything is a great accomplishment. Aren’t they cute sleeping here!?! They have added that element of excitement and kitten curiosity to our world.

We are also setting our show schedule for 2014, and it is already pretty full. We have shows starting in March and going into early December. We have commissions coming in and have been solicited by new shows, and we hope to venture more online and into social media.

From the media perspective, I am going to be featured in an international magazine this month – I just received the article proof and need to send my feedback on the article to the publisher. I will make another post about this one later. I plan to leverage this magazine to get into other magazines…we’ll see.

And as winter begins to wind down here – Georgia starts seeing Spring in late February, we have plans for the gallery area to improve the grounds. FYI – we are already seeing buds for the jonquils coming out of the ground…gotta love the south!!!

So what are you looking forward to in 2014? I hope it is creative and exciting AND worth getting out of bed each day…as my voicemail message says: no matter what else is happening, a day above ground is a good day!!!