I am working on a second piece for OBT, and this one is for the second floor. As you can see here the color board the interior designer established for the floor. IMG_1053It has a reddish/coral accent color that is paired with a light brown, neutral tan shade. The carpet is also neutral with both these colors mixed in an abstract pattern. the major wall colors are shades of light grey and a bright white for the trim.

IMG_1067Back to the drawers and bins I go. I pulled more colors for this one, knowing that on this piece I wanted to focus the mat in a different pattern and a more subtle, melting color scheme. Here are the color bins I pulled from – red and dark red.  There are hints in each of these bins that inspired me toward my initial thoughts on this mat.  I also pulled from the brown and beige boxes, but not until I worked with the papers in groups of red and beige. I found the beige a bit too boring and too close to the wall colors to include in the piece. As you can see from my scrap boxes, I save labels and any size paper bit I can get my hands on.  I sometimes wonder what I am going to do with all these bits and pieces, but I know the future holds some very unique artwork just waiting to feature just the right tidbit.

IMG_1066I enjoy color and I look forward to using it every chance I get. I recently finished a piece for a couple that wanted it to be very white and cream, with only a hint of color…it was hard for me to work with that much white and cream, so I had to stretch myself on that one. I did not want to go that direction for this piece. I want my works on the walls of this center to inspire and make people feel alive.

Here is the colors I started with all grouped together. I added brown and different shades of red – fuchsia, magenta, marbelized reds and yellows, and different shades of brown and beige. I wanted to compliment the colors for the accent walls without duplicating or detracting. IMG_1073

 As of the writing if this post, I am half way done with this mat, and plan to finish it this weekend. This one is a much more meticulous mat and has taken a bit more time than usual. There are subtle transitions between the reds and the browns, so I had to work and hunt to find the right scrap for each change in paper. IMG_1071I also want to incude a vibrant shade of red to add some life to the halls, and am not sure which paper I have in my stash that will serve the purpose.

Again, I am going to leave you here and whet your appetite for pictures of the completed mat. I am having fun writing about this adventure, so I hope you are enjoying the anticipation of seeing the completed works. What thoughts do you have about this color combination?