My mother-in-law lives in the St. Andrew’s community in Boca Raton, Florida. She moved there in March of 2012 and absolutely loves it. We recently visited her and toured a new facility they are building Oak Brook Terrace (OBT). In keeping up with the lingo, everyone there calls it OBT. As a gallery we are going to contribute art for the walls of this new facility.

I am going to create a series of posts chronically our journey and give you a bird’s-eye view into the process. Here are the shots we took last week as we toured. As you can see they are still very much under construction, but are on their way to their occupancy license in the next month.

IMG_0986 - Copy IMG_0990 IMG_0989 IMG_0988 IMG_0987 - Copy (2) IMG_0992 IMG_0998 - Copy IMG_0999 - Copy