We had a busy weekend this past weekend. The largest number of people stopped by the gallery we have ever had in a non-show weekend. It was exciting to see the fruits of our labors. And it was very interesting to see what these individuals brought to our gallery. Let me explain…

There are new tables in our gallery, built by Bill Moore. He combineBlack Walnut Tables wood and metal into one of a kind furniture creations. The newest arrival is a black walnut table with a black metal bottom. He crafts the tops and partners with a local welder to create the bottom. The wood is one solid piece from a privately owned saw mill in Murphy, North Carolina. The picture doesn’t really do it justice, but it gives you an idea of Bill’s work.

The challenge we always have is finding partners and resources who can help us execute our ideas. No one in our gallery welds or has blacksmithing skills, and yet by this table you can see the benefits of pairing that skill with wood working. We are always looking for new partners and talents to combine with our own skills and ideas. This past Sunday a young couple stopped by,  they had passed our street sign and were always curious about the gallery. It was a sunny, bright afternoon and they passed the gallery again, this time they turned around and drove up the driveway. They are our neighbors, or will be next month as they have bought a house a couple of streets over. She is a portrait and wedding photographer and he is a welder. They also collect and refurbish antiques and sell them in Atlanta at the largest antique mart in the southeast. Not only does he weld, he is a trained blacksmith, studied in New Mexico and has his own workshop about five miles from the gallery. He was instantly drawn to the new black walnut table and asked who created the bottom. You guessed it, after a thirty minute conversation we all agreed we needed to consider a collaboration on furniture. In two weeks we plan to visit his workshop and preview his work.

And just when one need was met another came around the corner. We had a poplar tree hit by lightning last year. We had it taken down and the five pieces have been sitting in the side yard. How could we move those large sections to a saw mill to have them cut into wood? We couldn’t, that is why it has been sitting there with nowhere to go. Sadly the daffodils have begun growing around the sections this Spring. Interestingly enough, this young couple also are part owners in a family saw mill – just around the corner (which we never knew existed!) He said they could come get the wood, mill it, and bring back the planks. WOW! That means we can fulfill our idea of creating something from the wood of that fallen tree.

We lacked talents, skills, and resources that could move our ideas from paper to reality…  AND we had no idea how it would work out. I would encourage you to think big. Think bigger than you think is big, then think even bigger!!! Let those ideas percolate in your brain, on paper, in your workshop, or in our case out in the yard. Then tell God what you need and be patient. Every time I blew leaves around those darn five pieces of tree, I would say, “Now c’mon God, we need this wood moved, we want to make something out of this tree, and we want a GREAT story to tell…so who can mill this wood?” Who knew that every time that young couple drove by and wondered if they should stop in that it was God urging them because he had a purpose for their skills and talents that they did not know existed.

We asked, we waited, God was listening. The real question here is are you listening? What is that crazy thing you feel compelled to do that you have not done? Where do you keep meaning to stop by but haven’t because it didn’t fit into your schedule or wasn’t directly in line with your plans? Think bigger…if you never change what you are doing, how will anything change? If you don’t explore the new, how will new be created? If you don’t take a chance, how will you ever move beyond where you are? And I advise you, be careful what you ask because you might end up with your wildest dreams coming true…and then you would need to think even bigger!!!